Donatella Nicolini is a photographer, speaker and specialized international educator known for her exclusive, luxurious and elegant maternity portraits that blend a fashion-forward style with fine art portraits, published and awarded worldwide.

She also participates as a speaker at numerous international photography conferences as well as teaching courses for professionals from all over the world.

Her private studio is located in Milano, Italy and it's designed to make you live the ultimate experience. Here, everything's designed to make you feel comfortable and pampered. 

"Donatella Nicolini is a modern legend. She’ll be who you hear about for years to come and then say, “I knew her back in the day!” She’s a maternity photographer that has such a beautiful style to her work, crafted over years of learning and testing." - Pratik Naik

"Donatella keeps impressing with every single image, bringing a whole new dimension to maternity portraits"

- Logan Hickle

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